Swimming Update

So, tonight was my last swim class for the winter session, and I have to say I went out on top!  I put on the swim cap and kept it on for the entire class.  It was weird for about the first half of class, but after a while I got used to not really being able to hear and feeling like I had water in my ears, even though I didn’t.  I also tried out my new goggles-Speedo Vanquisher.  So far, the best ones I’ve tried.  I could see the whole time I swam, no problems with fogging or getting water inside them.  I also did not feel like they were falling off my head and needed to be adjusted all the time (could have also had something to do with the swim cap).

Tonight was another successful week of not hitting my hands on the side of the pool.  Hopefully soon, my hands will heal and stop looking like I am part of a fight club.  In terms of the actual swimming, that was also successful.  I was able to swim the entire 500 meters (actually more than 500 meters…I got in 3 extra laps) during endurance (my instructor lengthened it to 15 minutes).  The breaks I took were substantially shorter than in the past, and I felt stronger in the water.

There were a few extra people in class tonight, which was good because it gave me more obstacles to watch out for and more waves in the pool to contend with.  I have discovered breathing is a lot harder in waves, so the practice is good for me.

The other woman in the class was super nice and complimented me on my improvements.  She mentioned that sometimes she feels like giving up, I told her not to, that giving up would be the worst thing.  I hope she sticks with it.  I also wish I could have given some better words of encouragement, but I was exhausted and my brain was not functioning properly.

On a completely unrelated note, a woman whose daughter was in the swim class before mine lost a ring and was looking for it on the pool deck.  Now, the pool deck is covered in fake pebbles, so it’s quite busy to look at.  Somehow, she found it.  Turns out, it was the ring her husband gave her as a gift when their daughter was born.  I have never been so happy for someone else to find something she had lost.  When she found that ring, it was probably the best part of my day.

Next week is the break between winter and spring session, so I have the week off.  Turns out, it is also my spring break at school, so I think I’ll spend an extra day down the shore.  It won’t be warm enough for swimming, but I can work on the bike and/or running…or maybe I’ll just take a break and get away for a few days.


One thought on “Swimming Update

  1. Shira,

    I value you’re perseverance and dedication to running, biking and swimming. I know it’s not easy, especially running and swimming. However, I think once you reach that one obstacle which is swimming, I know by far swimming is not an easy thing then you’re good. In swimming, it’s not all about winning, it’s about improving your time and it’s also all about rhythm.

    As you already know, I am a long distance runner. I ran competitively in high school and also in college. However, my senior year in college at Fairleigh Dickinson University, I decided I wanted to swim competively at FDU. I soon relized after joining the swim team, it wasn’t easy. However, with practice, hard work and determination I finally was able to master swimming. Best of luck with your continued success with triathlons.

    Matt G.


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