My New Bike!

At the start of spring break, I took a trip to Marty’s and bought my new bike!  The guys are Marty’s are the best, and I even got to meet Marty himself!  The bike is an entry level Trek, and at the advice of Eric, I got two water bottle cages.  I can never have too much water, right?

So, after picking out the bike and the cages, the service guys gave the bike a once over, and Oliver showed me how to change a flat tire.  What I learned from that experience was to have my cell phone charged with an Uber XL on standby!  Because the tire was brand new, it was difficult to get it back into place by hand.  So, they threw me a cool doohickey to use, which should make it easier.  However, by watching his muscles flex as the guy demonstrated it, I still don’t know if I could do it on my own.  But, I know the process now.

So, after all was said and done, Oliver took me outside for a fitting.  Being completely nervous about riding the bike, I was seriously shaking as I rode it around the parking lot.  Oliver adjusted the seat and suggested when I come back for a tune up in a few months they could raise the seat, but for now it’s good.  He also gave me a few pointers about starting and stopping techniques.  As we were saying good-bye, Oliver mentioned seeing me at the group ride the following week.  I laughed and told him that it would be at least a few weeks before I was ready for that.  But his confidence in me was encouraging.  The good thing about purchasing a bike from Marty’s (other than the awesome people who work there) is it comes with lifetime tune-ups.  Not sure exactly what that entails, but I feel good knowing I have them when I need them.

I mounted the bike rack in the garage above the kayak…I’m running out of wall space, and the ceiling is not an option.  Good thing road bikes are so much lighter than mountain bikes!  I’m sure it’s quite funny to watch me climb up and down a ladder carrying my bike.  After that was done, I took it for a spin around the neighborhood.  After 1.5 miles, I stashed the bike and went on with my errands.  The next day, I decided I needed bike shorts before I rode again!  So another trip to Marty’s was in store before my Wildwood spring break adventure.  I warned Eric when I saw him again that day that we were going to become good friends.  I got 3.5 miles in before it started to rain in Wildwood and I gave up on the bike.  Wildwood in the offseason is definitely the best place to get used to a new bike.  It’s completely flat and there were almost no cars.  The next day, my bum was thanking me for my new shorts!

My Coeur riding jersey just arrived the other day.  I’m super excited to get outside and give the bike another go with all my new gear!

This is my new jersey!  (The picture is from the Coeur Sports website.)

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