Swimming Update…Fred’s Back!

When I started swimming way back in January–it feels like forever ago–Bri and Fred were my instructors.  I worked primarily with Bri and then Tara took over for Fred, so I never had the opportunity to be trained by Fred.  Well, tonight Fred was back, and he kicked my butt!  But, it was exactly what I needed.  We’ve been working on building my endurance and after watching a few warm-up laps, he decided my form didn’t need any work–which made me feel awesome about the time I’ve spent with Tara and Bri.  I’ve come a long way!  So, we started right in on endurance.  I swam two laps without stopping, followed by three…working my way up to seven.  When I tried to stop, he wouldn’t let me.  At the end of class, I did my 10 minutes of endurance…after already being exhausted…and didn’t even try to count my laps. But Fred did…14 laps.  Which I’m pretty sure puts my total for the night somewhere between 41 and 45 laps.  Boy am I tired!

Oh, before I forget, I’m still liking my goggles.  I’ve been wearing the Speedo Women’s Vanquisher.  I will definitely get a new pair for race day to make sure my vision is as clear as possible, but these are the goggles for me!  And I’ve gotten used to the swim cap, so that’s another bonus.

Did I mention no one else has signed up for my class yet?  So, I’m pretty much getting private lessons until someone else joins!  So, if you’re looking for a solid workout, or looking to improve your stroke, or even just how to swim, join me Monday nights!  I promise, you can’t go wrong with Bri, Tara, and Fred!


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